3 Advice to photograph products


We did not discover anything to you new when saying to you that an image is worth more than 1,000 words, and in your store online was not less going to be.  In this article we give some basic advice you so that you can obtain professional results in photographs them of products for your webpage or lies down online.

1.    Neutral bottom. You can use a stretched sheet, a white fine cardboard, or a smooth wall, the important thing is that he is smooth and can be illuminated correctly. For products of less than 20 cm of stop you can use a box of light, is a photography element that it you can find by about 20 € in Amazon.

2.    Hard space. Look for a space to you where you can leave your camera on a tripod or to a position it fixes permanently, and the zone of mounted photography, so that he is to you comfortable and fast to photograph your products, this way the products always will be to the same distance of the camera giving a greater homogeneity in the product listing in the Web.
3.    Illumination. It is most important for the photography, for small elements you can use flexos or acquire some economic centers of photography, in Amazon you can find them on 60 €.

If what to be interested is in photographing a series of products and you do not want to make your photographies, in Soft Elite we counted on a photographic study that you can rent, or ask for the photography of your products to our photographers, we counted on tariffs per very competitive hours.
You can see some of our last works in the section commercial Photography Murcia.
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