Importance of the reviews of Google


Are important the reviews of Google?  Definitively If, the reviews of Google were born as something imperceptible for the majority of the Internet users, at the moment Google has given a protagonist space him in the searches of the users.

When a user realises a search in Google on a company, in the lateral one straight of its results search, Google will show the qualification of the company. Not yet you have looked for yours? , we animated to you to do it the sooner since it waits for a joy or a great misfortune to you.
S.A. search your company you find that you have one or several negative reviews you do not become distressed we explained to you how you can solve it.

That I make to clear a bad review of your profile?
Google nonflock the bad critics by a real service that nontaste to the client, but you can ask for his elimination if it fulfills some of these requirements:
-    Inadequate photo
-    False or inadequate review

You can ask for the elimination of the review or photographs following the following steps:

1.    It accedes to Google My Business in the following connection
2.    If you are not registered registers to you
3.    Beam click in the lateral one straight in Reviews
4.    It marks the review or it photographs inadequate
5.    Expón your allegations to the commentary
6.    Google will review your request and will be able to eliminate the review.

From Soft Elite, we suggested you you animate to your clients to write a review in your profile being valued your services, this will give valuable information to future clients and will favor your positioning SEO.
Article written up by Soft Elite

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