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If you have made the decision to realise an Advertising Gift for your clients, and you do not know clearly that gift to choose, in this article we give some advice you.
- They have to take shaped and of clear and legible form the logo of the company and direction of the webpage, where the client will go to collect the contact data (Telephone, email, direction…)
- Mark a budget to you for the gifts, and divide enters it the number of gifts that you want to acquire, this of will give a maximum price by article, so that you can begin with the search. -    It tries to discover a necessity that has the majority of your clients and looks for a gift for it.
- It considers that the gift that gives must fulfill following the requirements:
   - To reinforce the image of the company.
   - Capacity of direct publicity.
   - To generate interest and desire by the product.
They exist you number stores online that offer advertising gifts of all the prices and qualities, it looks for a good supplier and it asks for budget.

If precise of a Graphical Designer that it designs and it advises on the gift that adjusts more to your needs, it contacts with us in 968 90 36 15.

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