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The companies and businessmen are a part fundamental to secure a righter and well-balanced society, and with its social commitment they improve its surroundings and they project an image of very valued by the clients.
Numerous forms exist to collaborate:
-    As Company friend of social Centers, Hospitals, Youth hostels…, certainly your company I could contribute some product to service to these groups.
-    Precise grant, to organizations of humanitarian work.
-    To become Partner of a NGO, this is the option by that we chose in Soft Elite, to do partners to us of UNICEF, which contributes more reward to us than effort.

It remembers that 25% of the donations can be deduced, but is not worth any association or NGO by the mere fact of being it: it must be described as as public utility, to be able to deduce your contribution.
Article elaborated by: Soft Elite, Swarmsarm

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