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Or it is the section who we are of your Web, a article for a blog, or an advertising pamphlet, the client wants clear, direct messages and that they contribute to solution to his problem or necessity to him.
In this article we give some recommendations you for the writing of a new text of communication, and if it already has it written up, it reads this article and it returns to read your text, insurance you will find parts to correct.

1. A HOLDER for your text creates, and that this raises an interest in your reader to continue reading.
2. You do not write to fill up, which you can say in two words you do not say it in three. If the client is going to spend 5 minutes to you to read to you that she is worth the trouble.
3. He thinks about the client to whom you go and creates a personal profile: (age, sex, cultural level, needs, restlessness…) and he writes for.
4. To dissuade the client who does not interest to us, tenlo also counts to write to clients who you want to dissuade, the client that you do not want that it contacts to you.
5. You do not speak of conditional futures (It could, solve, contribute,…) Speech of real futures (It will be able, solve, contribute…)  Not to pass on that we can do something, but we do it.
6. It avoids you formulate burned and empty (multidisciplinary Equipment, ample experience in the sector, We are leader in the sector, intergrales Services…)
7.  It does not concern the good thing that you are, to the client concerns the good thing to him that it is going to be with your service.
8. It uses lists, numerations, sections. It outlines your exhibition, she will be more comfortable and effective.
9. Which is the objective of your message. It analyzes that you want to transmit with your message and verifies that it fulfills it.
10. Strength and objections. Expón of clear and real form your service, the client wants clarity and sincerity from the home, if you lose the confidence of the client you lose the client.  You do not expose obviousness nor exaggerations.
11. Expon so that the client recognizes his problem and solution, example, if we sell music players, we do not exhibit the 20 client to him who has Gb of capacity, if not that 50,000 songs take to him. It justifies your values. It explains with concrete and demonstrable and real examples.
12. It avoids linguistic redundancies, that do not contribute anything new and are an obviousness (To know personally, mutual Cooperation, Possibly could, existing Irrigations, Gift Free, Sufficiently adapted)
These are some of the factors that we consider at the time of writing up texts Web of our clients, in order that the message arrives direct and without interferences.
If you need advising or writing of content for your advertising material, blog or texts Web, it contacts with us, explains your needs to us and we will offer solutions to you. 

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