What makes your compentencia?

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If you have competition is that you exist, reason why not to have competition removes to you from the market, thinks that if you do not have competition is that there are no clients for your product.
No niche of competition market this free one, your competition is the one who competes with you by the same type of client with a concrete necessity.  You continue thinking that you do not have competition?

Some advice with respect to your competition.

-    Nonsubjects to the giant, the one that to a small store of clothes puts a tax exemption to him Low COST alongside, will be generating to him in the door of its business to a great number of objective public prepared to buy clothes, takes the opportunities that your competition gives you.

or    Anecdote:  To a hairdressing salon of all the life they place a tax exemption to him low COST next to its facade, with a supply of CUTS to WOMAN 15 €, the hairdressing salon of all the life knows that it cannot enter a war of prices that could not win, decides to put in the door a poster that shelp: WE FIX THE HAIRCUTS OF 15 €. This is an elegant way to turn the problem into opportunity.

-    That does better than you it competition? If your answer is nothing, you have not analyzed well to your competition. Attention observes with that is doing, that is receiving, that sale strategies follows, that added value to gives to its products or services. It analyzes this information and raises to you in which you must be improving.

-    It tries that your only value is not that you are better by the price, this will more and more put in a situation criticism with the change costumary of purchase.

In Soft Elite all our projects leave from a study of the competition, next to which we realised an analysis DAFO of its company or business.
If you want to extend more information or to contact with one of our technicians of projects, it contacts with us through 968 90 36 15 or stuffed our form of contact.

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