Do Whichever visits have your webpage?


You control the visits to your webpage? More bond than the answer is If, so that on the contrary you are losing a very valuable information.
Having a metric one of visits is within reach of all the users thanks to Google Analitycs, gratuitous tool that will give information you on:
-    Number of visitors to your webpage.
-    Ever since geographic zone accedes
-    What time happens in the webpage.
-    That sections visit
-    That words put to find you
-    …

Data to which to pay attention:
-    Percentage by ricochet: This data of will indicate the number of users who acceded to your page not them taste and they left it immediately.
-    Page of exit: To control because it paginates they are leaving navigation, and if it is problem of a failure in the Web.
-    Recurrence of the user: Each whatever returns the user to your webpage.

These are the minimum data that you must control of the visits to your webpage, and once controlled you can begin with the analysis of other factors.

It asks for to your supplier Web that informs on as increasing you the visits to your webpage, and remembers that a high number is not success guarantee. The visit of 1 user interested in your products or services that the one of 1,000 interested in anything is preferable than you offer.

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