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It accedes from here: https://www.facebook.com/promocionesmurcia/
💶 PRIZE: Card 10€ cineentradas.com
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1. To be following of “Murcia Promotions” on Facebook.
2. Beam Likes Me in this publication.
3. To share this publication.
4. It comments and Label with whom you would go.
The drawing will be realised next the 1 of March between all the partipantes.
The winner will be 2 to demand the prize, being shown that fulfills the bases of the contest. If this it did not demand it either or it did not satisfy the requirements, we would declare the null prize.
*El drawing will be realised with #Easypromos that will select the winners between whom I give LIKES. The rest of requirements is supervised by Murcia Promotions, reason why although the platform selects as ganad@r to X person and we publish it (we are forced to it to give the maximum transparency), if this it did not fulfill the rest of requirements it would not occur the prize him and it would happen to the substitute winner or it would be declared null if this it did not fulfill them either. In addition they are excluded from being able to win, those created profiles of Facebook only for the participation in drawings. One will occur to a main winner and a substitute, being the desert prize if both did not satisfy all the requirements or not it reclamaran.*
So you are kind all the participants, you fulfill the bases and… Much luck to all!

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