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One of the strategies of used sale more is the use of the word FREE to sell more articles. 
- Shampoo with a 20% Free.
- 1º Class Free
- Prove it Free
- Shipment Free
- Inscription Free
- Gratuitous unloading
- …
It is not by chance his results are measured by numerous studies, one of most prestigious carried out by the prestigious Magazine Science Marketing.

There is an experiment that summarizes the results of this word very well:
 Two options for a card are offered to the clients of a Gas station Gift in their next Re-fuelling.
1.    Card for 25€ at the cost of 7€
2.    Card for 5€ Free.

80% chose the second option, absorbed by the word Free, when the first option was most advantageous for them.
This is due to that we preferred not to risk, if something is Free is no risk in being mistaken and our brain chooses this option of automatic way.
Article Written up by Soft Elite

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