How you want your new Web?


The client who looks for a supplier Web, normally silverplates HOW COSTRUIR HIS Webpage.
 ERROR:  it is not wondered how, for that they are the designers and programmers. The question is WHAT YOU WANT TO OBTAIN OF YOUR NEW WEB.
Example: If you want to sell in Internet not you consider as to mount your new store online, how to divide products, what information to show….  you only must know that what you want is TO SELL YOUR PRODUCTS IN Internet.

It asks a strategic consultant direction on if your product it has possibilities of sale in Internet on the basis of your competition, price, capacity of promotion, etc. With this data you will be able to make the decision to follow ahead or to reframe your project.
There is to be conscious that 80% of the total sales of the market have previously passed through the Web/Store Online of the company, knowing this: What image you want to show in Internet?

In Soft Elite, we offer to our clients of Murcia, the opportunity to benefit from a GRATUITOUS consultancy Web, in which to set out its project and to listen to the proposals of our strategic consultants.
In the following connection it can see our system of work and ask for budget for his new webpage.
Article written up by: Soft Elite

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