It promotes your products and Instagram on Facebook


It is necessary to be in the Social Networks Facebook and Instagram? , we think that the correct question would be. It is going to benefit to your company to be in these social networks.
To be about to be does not have sense, and end up letting itself update the social profiles, creating a negative image in the abandonment client.
 For the cases in which the clients do not have information sufficient to be updating their social networks, we have created a channel of Facebook in Intagram, that we will use to send to campaigns of promotion of products and services to your potential clients.

 As realising a product promotion?
In the first place we will analyze your I publish objective:
-   What social network usually consults?
-    Sex
-    Interval of age
-    Studies
-     It studies or it works?
-    Sentimental situation
-    Tiene Hijos?
-    Where he resides?

On the basis of this information we will inform to you on the possibility of success approximated for the promotion of your product. And we will carry out the following tasks:
-    Design of announcement, promotion or direct sale.
-    Design of graphical image or video.
-    Form of contact.
-    Landing page Web.
-    Measurement of results.
-    Adjustments of campaign.

Recently we have sent a portal on Facebook: for the product promotion, if these interested in extending information call us to 968 90 36 15

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