Why to have a Community Manager of Murcia?


This desmotrado that a Community Local Manager, obtains better results because it knows the local public to whom you go focused, because it knows the customs and habits consumption of your zone, because it will know first hand local restlessness, etc.

But the Murcian being will not be sufficient, will have to meet the following requirements:
- Demonstrable experience in the management of similar Profiles.
- To control the subject on which it will manage the profile.
- To have formation in techniques of commercial communication.
- To have experience in the management of campaigns of payment in Social Networks.
- And most important: It would involve with the brand and its results.
If you are interested in to contract Community Manager for your brand or business, you can to expose us your needs, and if we have the profile that you need, we analyzed the case and we passed a proposal to you.

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