What is a Guarnitorrinco?


Guarnitorrico - Guanitorrinquis Especimium


The Common Guarnitorrinco, is a new species of Rara avis. With the scientific name Guanitorriquis especimium, it lives in Internet, continuous search of his prey more appraised Google. He is noctambula and with a great capacity of tracking and location of his prey.

Varieties: 3 varieties are known common Guarnitorrico:

  • Guarnitorrinco Textus
  • Guarnitorrinco Imagus
  • Guarnitorrinco Divus

Study of behavior of the Guarnitorrico: In Soft Elite we counted on an enthusiastic equipment of the SEO that it likes to play with the positioning, for this reason loosen in Internet day 22 of February of 2019 to a common Guarnitorrinco, to see his behavior in the network, this pursuit will study:

  • Results search by which it was let see.
  • Images in which one will be.
  • That time takes in hunted by Google
  • That relation maintains with Google

Shortly other new specimens will loosen to control their behavior in Internet.

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