Murcian those that use the Mobile of Spain more

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Source of data: CECARM MURCIA
A total of the 289,185 Murcian between 18-65 years is considered addict to the mobile.
98.5% of the population use the mobile on a daily basis.
Average duration of use of the mobile in Murcia 4:36 Hours.

Surprising data, something high to our opinion, for want of more serious studies on the use and customs of the users of Internet.
In this subject it would have much to say to Google for being the portal of entrance of 98% of world-wide accesses to Internet.

Whatever data the certain thing is here that the use of the mobile phone to accede to Internet is highest, of the importance of having adapted the webpages to mobiles. Since every time it is used more of the mobile search the contact or services of a company or professional.

In Soft Elite we analyzed the objective public for each webpage. The same does not hope to find who it looks for: ““Pizzeriums at home Murcia”, that who looks for” Italian Pizzeriums Murcia “for this reason are necessary to guess right in the first impression to show to him whether accede from a computer as if it does from a mobile phone, a landing in the fast page, clearly and agreed to the looked for thing.
If you wish to comment any aspect to us with respect to your Web you can call us to 968 90 36 15 and we will take care of to you with pleasure.

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